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While I may not understand football or soccer and would rather crawl in bed with a good book, there is just no denying that there is a time and a season for everything and this is the season for the Kenyan Men to take a much needed reprieve from the Mexican and Philippine dramas they are forced to endure accompanied by a dash of of Korean and Indian magic.

I personally cannot wait for the last match to be played and get back to my ‘routine’ but even I have to admit that the change is quite refreshing and besides, there is always Telemundo to keep me busy with the twist and turns of the various Soap Operas it airs.

The Mvuli Hotels is celebrating the World cup period in its own way ,yes, we have staff who enjoy the actions on a football field rather than the ones on a production set.

Picture having to stay at an apartment that not only has interactive satellite television, to catch your match and a place with free wi-fi which you can use to hit the social network sites after a match to rant or to brag over your team’s easy win. We also have 24/7 dedicated phone lines and you need not worry about packing up much for your stay other than your change of clothes because we provide luxury bathroom amenities for you.

Feel as if you cannot keep your eyes from drooping and that the weather is just stubbornly unfavorably cold? Well we have a solution for that as we have seen that we provide for tea and coffee making facilities for you as well as a kitchen facility (in your room) to fix a quick bit before you hit your bed to keep your stomach comfortable enough to get through the night

And if you wish to catch up with some work, we have a study desk and reading light to see to it that you efficiently carry out this task.

I could go on describing what it is that you will be signing up for when you take up the offer but that would ruin the thrill of discovery and nobody loves having the plot divulged to them before they have had a chance to experience the ‘ride’ (for lack of a better descriptive term).

The Mvuli Suites July special is a chance for you to experience the Mvuli Suites at a 15% discount on the rack rate. By now, those of you who are familiar with the Mvuli Hotels know where the Mvuli House is located, the Mvuli Suites’ location however has proven to be a challenge for most, but no worries here is a step by step instruction of the directions to this hidden gem:


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Mvuli Suites 

When coming from the airport, drive up Mombasa Road, straight into Uhuru Highway, which leads you across the Central Business District. Once you exit the Central Business District, take the first exit on your left just before joining  Waiyaki way onto an overpass. On the overpass, take the first exit to your left to Ojijo Road, then the next right exit through the underpass, which will lead you to Kipande Road. Drive down Kipande road till you see a sign to your left reading “Pana Lane”, and the MVuli Suites sign. Turn left at the sign, Mvuli Suites is the first building on your left. Please call 254 20 264 2855 for assistance

Mvuli Suites From Thika

Drive along Thika Road towards the Nairobi City Centre, once you get to the Globe Cinema roundabout, take the roundabout and exit on Kipande Road. You will see a Mvuli Suites sign on Kipande Road to your right. Please call 254 20 264 2855

All you need is to get there and claim your discount as you enjoy the best of what the expanding Mvuli Brand has to offer. You know what they say about opportunity…it knocks but once on every man’s door.

For More information about the Mvuli Hotels, click on the fact sheets below. Have yourselves a superb weekend ahead.




Written by Maureen Mwangi, a Mvuli Hotels staff member