I am not a morning person and I knew that my greatest weakness once I started working was going to be the laborer’s waking hour. Though I must admit, the laborer’s sleep is SWEET, I should know…I know my sleep.

My first thought while getting up last Saturday (2th of May) was ‘I’ve barely slept a wink!’ which was quickly followed ‘I am tired to the bone’ and just behind that thought was a plea to God which went something like this ‘…Dear God, its Saturday and I am up even before the Cocks start crowing…whhhhyyyy? (imagine listening to ‘FORGET YOU‘ by  Cee Lo Green for the ‘whhhhyyy?!). My final thought before tumbling out of my bed and heading for the shower was ‘…in the end it will all be worth it and my sleep later on tonight will be sweeter than honey because I will have participated in a worthwhile cause.’

So on my way to Nyayo stadium an hour later I couldn’t help but notice that the roads to the sport complex were painted Green…not literally of course  but there were throngs of people in the trademark color for this Charity event that I was headed to…the Mater Heart Run.

I would love to go on giving you an account of how my day was…but then again what would be the purpose of the pictures I took on that material day? Below are the moments I was able to freeze in time before duty called…enjoy 🙂


By foot or by car, people faithfully made their way to the Stadium


Security was at hand to direct human traffic


From the young to the old…the roads led to one place on that Saturday


Participants enjoying great music from some talented artists


The guys took a break to indulge this photographer with poses of their good side 🙂


sweet and comical and ready to serve you with a smile


So does this still count as a photo bomb? Looking good fellas 🙂


You take a picture of me…I take one of you in return. So how did it turn out guys?


The ever bubbly and sweet lady was all smiles posing for her picture


Reporting for duty with a smile and an ace attitude


It only took one take to get this awesome picture…the camera loved them


We can’t all love the camera and that was proven by our camera shy colleague…smile! i mean..hide??


He proudly showed off where his loyalty lay…go team Mvuli!


Nothing but crisp and freshly prepared french fries would do for our clients. Our happy chefs took care of it


The technical team hard at work setting up


The Hotdog station was a hub of activities


The little darling had eyes for another while mummy grabbed a bite from the Mvuli Stand


Miss Kitty hard at work


The music commanded everyone’s attention


Ben Tennyson or as he is popularly known Ben 10


Busy busy busy…as always, at least look up and strike a pose…no? okay then, maybe later


You couldn’t tell that she had barely slept a wink…I mean, just look at that smile


Miss smiley giving us another dose of her infectious smiles 🙂


He really meant it when he said he was reporting for duty


I probably bored them with my soap opera talk hence the ‘oh well and say what’ looks…or rather poses that I am getting


We are completely dedicated in our service to our clients


The little darling was spoilt for choice when it came to what drink to have


The hotdogs were wrapped…


The juice was chilled….


And in the end… we touched a child’s heart