I promised to keep you updated on what went down at the Mvuli House on the 26th of April. Now dear faithful followers here are a few pictures of the events that transpired on that day.

My sole regret at this point is that I cannot trace the video that would have made your afternoon…oh well, I guess we will have to make do with these few ‘behind the scene’ pictures until I can trace the elusive video ๐Ÿ™‚


The winning play of the day ‘Team Work’


The Happy Bride wore a black veil


Come on guys, we can still clinch the trophy…practice practice makes perfect. Team Mara hard at work.


Time to look the part. Team Mara before making their ‘entry’


The ‘Chef’ was hard at work preparing…Imaginary spaghetti may-hap?


The cast of ‘Team Work’ in their various roles


Such a beautiful place to solemnize a wedding and the couple knew it, hence their choice of location ๐Ÿ™‚


The Mvuli House Team celebrating the successful end of a day filled with lots of fun, lots of laughter, drama and dancing


We might have been ranked according to performance, but in the end, everybody walked away a winner

Posted by Maureen Mwangi, a Mvuli Hotels staff member