It’s no secret that music can hit you when you least expect it and if you consider it, it is not always the type of music that you favor that presents you with that moment of breathlessness. Your ‘hit’ can come from the most unlikely sources just as a Hobbit was the most unlikely creature to chance upon the ring of power . It may take a song in a language that you do not understand to get you to shed that tear that has for long ,longed to make an acquaintance with your cheek and what beautiful poetry it is to  Live.Life.Loud. is an Urban Gospel Festival that is scheduled to take place at the Nairobi Chapel Church, Ngong Road on the 7th of March 2014.

The event will feature the finest gospel hip hop artists, dancers, poets, bands and ministers all modeled towards attracting a young adult audience. The event will contain an exciting mix of artists’ workshop, dance showcases, sports competition and live DJs…super combination, right? Oh the goose bumps I get just imaging it! Get this also, charges are Kshs. 200 ONLY for advance tickets and Kshs. 300 at the gate. Take a friend or two or even ten, I am sure that the 2,000 or 3000 that you cough up to pay for your ticket and those of your friends’ will be worth the time spent together, the experience and most of all the memories made as you live life loud.

The truth Tour, Wapi-Wapi

Love to watch dance shows? Well, I for one do and the one that has till this day held the trophy ,where I am concerned is  ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. From this show I got to learn of different dance styles (contemporary dance especially stood out to me after a certain performance) and also get to marvel at just how flexible people are .The one enlightening thing that I took with me is that size is not a factor to hinder one from becoming a professional dancer, and  here is one video from the Ellen DeGeneres show to prove that ….loved it!

Wapi Wapi is a dance crew comprised of both Kenyan and Tanzanian dancers that make up a unique contemporary dance crew that promotes peace and unity through their chosen form of art. Catch these talented group in their element at the Sarakasi Dome on the 7th of March. Entry charges are at Kshs.300 only and for more information, you can contact the crew at

International Women’s Day: Bintis in the woods

International women's dayI don’t understand women…if you have ever found yourself uttering these words then here is a gift presented to you on a silver platter by director, actor and performer; Mumbi Kaigwa

International women’s day is an event organized to celebrate and explores the qualities of women. With everything from venue to performances of the day having all been put together to give a unique perspective on women, the event not only promises to be enlightening but also captivating so do not miss out on this intellectual and insightful analysis of the mind of a woman.

Tickets for the event will be retailing at Kshs. 5,000 only…quite a fair price for the insight you are going to gain from attending the event wouldn’t you say?

This will be Arts Canvas’es first event for 2014 and all of you are invited to join in. The event will take place at the Karura Forest on Saturday (8th March) which will also be International Women’s Day, from 11:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. For more information, email  or call 5635037070

Live Concert: by All Female Kenyan Quartet- Gargar

gargarWho are they? The Gargar are an all female-Kenyan quartet group which came to the limelight with their song Aids Wadilla (click on the link to watch the video)  through the 2008 spotlight on Kenyan Music project. Gargar is part of the larger Somali women’s self-help and economic empowerment group.

Gargar is a Somali word which means joining together. This group’s music can be described as contemporary folk which comprises of a beautiful arrangement of traditional Somali music to modern rhythms. Come and sample a taste of that which they will be presenting in France, where they made the selection to participate in the 2014 Babel Med Festival and the ‘ Couleursdu Monde’ festival. The concert will be held at the Alliance Francaise Garden on the 7th of March and to be allowed entry all you have to do is buy their CD which is going for Kshs. 300.

The group has been nominated for the ‘Orange’ Award at the Babel Med Festival in Marseille and the ‘World Music Award’…with all this nominations to their names, all I can say is that, you are in for a b treat

 Sauti Za Mabinti

Sauti-za-mabintiSauti Za Mabinti is a two-part production that seeks to reveal the fallacy of sexist stereotypes in an intriguing production that brings together young female artists. The production will have the ladies showcasing diverse artistic skills in performance poetry, spoken word, hip hop, rap, neo-soul, femcee and afro fusion. Sauti za Mabinti  is above all else a platform for empowering and promoting young female artists.

List of performers for the day will include :Mwende Ngao, Rein, Raya, Amare Poete, Namatsi Lukoye

To attend this event, make your way to the Alliance Francaise Auditorium on the 8th of March. The event begins at 6:00 p.m and the entrance to is totally free. Don’t miss out.For more information, contact cultural

It has once again been a pleasure reconnecting with you on this blog page and I hope that out of the mentioned (and unmentioned) events you will find yourself a place where you truly ‘belong’ this weekend.

To all of us here at the Mvuli Hotels,we wish you all a lovely weekend .Remember to follow us on  twitter and like us on Facebook, we have a lot of interesting and exciting things in store for you. Until next time, take care.

Written by Maureen Mwangi, a Mvuli Hotels staff member