This Week, we are intent in making our thoughts your stereos, so in the words of  Gym Class Heroes, listen (look) close and hear out thoughts in every note (word).

mexico-literatureAre you a lady who is into writing? Do you find satisfaction in penning your own literature? Do you feel that there is still something that you can learn to aid you in your path of becoming one of the literature doyens of your generation? Well the Stories Spoken-Literature forum may just be what you have been waiting for; your stepping stone to the great future that you know you are destined for.

The forum provides a space to listen to the voices of established and budding female writers – voices of women with a passion for literary adventure. It brings together upcoming women writers and literary critics to share and discuss stories, poems and current literary trends with the aim of enhancing their creativity.

The event starts at 10:00 p.m. and lasts until 1:00 p.m. Admission is free. For more info, contact +254 020 2211381

Lady WindermereNow,I am not too conversant with Oscar Wilde’s work, in fact the closest  I have come to his work is watching the film adaptation of his only novel : The Picture of Dorian Gray. Dorian Gray.

Strathmore University  DRAMSOC is all set to stage an abridged version of one of Oscar’s plays: Lady Windermere’s Fan. After reading the synopsis, I would not only love to see the play but would also love to read this four act comedy.

To catch this rendition just head over to Alliance Francaise either on the 22nd or 23rd and get your daily dose of humor. Tickets are retailing for Kshs. 350 (advance) and at Kshs 450 at the gate. Couples can get their tickets at Kshs.600 (advance) and at Kshs. 800 at the gate. The play will be staged at 3 p.m. and  6 p.m. all days.

For more information on the play write to moc.liamg@yteicosamarderomhtarts or call 9438098170 or 2576770070 or log on to the Strathmore facebook page.

communityDo you ever feel uneasy in the presence of a policeman or a policewoman, even when you have no reason to feel so? Well, we can blame our phobia of the men and women in uniform on various scenarios of our upbringing but the fact still remains that behind the professional is a human being just like me and you.

The Kilimani Police have come up with a great initiative to let you know the ‘real them’ , the Kilimani Police COMMUNITY Day is therefore just the perfect opportunity for you to hang out with the cops.

Not only do you get to hang out with the cops but you also get to mingle and discuss community policing with them, awesome right? This gesture is meant to open dialogue and challenge public perception of police in Kenya. If you wish to participate in this forum, write to stating your interest in participating in this exercise.All this will take place at the Kilimani Police station on the 22nd of February from 1:00 p.m. and all are welcome.

For more information call +254 702 007 673.

Jazz-FestThis does not need much introduction nor much mention because you have obviously seen that cool advert on your TV sets by now. I am talking about the Safaricom Jazz Fest which is set to take place at Ngong Racecourse on the 23rd of February 2014.

Its no secret that the Jazz lovers are the envy of the music world in Kenya this month, I mean, why wouldn’t they be when Safaricom plans on hosting a week-long jazz festival in Kenya?

The event dubbed ‘ Safaricom International  Jazz Festival’ will feature both international and local artists ending with a family extravaganza.

The aim of this forum is to provide a platform for upcoming Jazz artists and expose the arts industry internationally. . Tickets are available for Kshs. 2500 VIP, Kshs. 1000 regular and Kshs. 300 for students. Children under 12 come in free as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult. Proceeds from this event will go towards the purchase of music instruments for the Ghetto Classics Music Program, a community program in Korogosho.

If you are still not yet decided about attending the event you need not worry about how or when you can purchase your ticket as you can do so on the day you plan on attending the event by calling 1511 and paying via Mpesa.

tunnelArt…the very live we live is a testimony of Art, the way we move the way we express ourselves, the way we define our spaces…really, the list is endless.

Now, Tunnel Vision is the work of film maker and photographer Jacob Barua. It is an exhibit that consists of photographs and a video installation. This exhibit will mark Barua’s first solo exhibition ever in Kenya. The exhibition is all about traversing or navigating life, death and history by the manhole covers of Nairobi and its subterranean innards.

Okay, hands up to all of you who had ever thought or imagined of such a concept…all I can say is that this has to be some deep stuff thought of and actualized by a very creative mind. So, if you are interested in traversing life, death and history by the manhole covers and share the exhibitor’s vision, then the Goethe-Institue, Auditorium is the place to be on the 21st of February.

For more information about the exhibition call, +254 020 221 1387 or +254 020 221 1381

This should prove to be a very interesting weekend and rightly so especially after having fought hard to keep warm and DRY as we navigated our way to our workplaces through the rain. As I always say, there are a lot of other things happening in the weekend scene other that the select few that we publish in this blog and the only way to find out about them is to actually get yourself ‘out there’.

Have a lovely weekend people and for more on the Mvuli Hotels, be sure to follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page.

Have fun.

 After writing this piece I took to the web and searched for an e-book version of the play, Lady Windermere’s Fan which I’m glad to say I got and…well, let’s just say I foresee laughter this weekend


 Written by Maureen Mwangi, a Mvuli Hotels staff member