Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them, so try to enjoy every bit of it as you edge close to it so that by the time it disappears you would have enjoyed it to the fullest.


the fine wne showNow, who says that you can only find the choicest wine in France? Well the Fine Wine Show Southern Sun Mayfair begs to differ, they want to prove that Kenya too can hold its own when it comes to having good wine by welcoming you to join them in the tasting of over 90 award winning wines that will live your taste buds tantalized. The wine tasting will take place at the Southern Sun Mayfair in Parklands on November 30th 2013 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Tickets will be retailing for only Kshs. 3,200 and the price of the ticket is inclusive of; a branded crystal wine glass to take home, Unlimited wine tasting, bitings, entertainment and a donation to the KSPCA.

Tickets are available in advance from Southern Sun reception or pre-booking through M-Pesa. For more information on the show click here or call 243 706 0170


Mwanamke ni effort

A woman is so many things. Songs have been sang about her, poems have been written about her, countless works of literature have been dedicated to her, the earth is named for her…the list, you must admit, is endless . You might be forgiven to think that not much more remains to be said about her, but you would be mistaken, and James Njoroge proves that  there still remains an inordinate number of things to say about a woman,

James Njoroge’s first solo art exhibition,“Mwanamke ni Effort”, is influenced by women so if you like art and appreciate women, you should make your way to the museum’s gallery section to witness his art work. The show is a tribute to his mother and to all Kenyan women who toil selflessly for their families. The exhibition opens from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Nairobi National Museum. Normal museum entry fees apply. For more info on the exhibition, call +254 700 744 529


For only 1,300 or 1,500 (Limited edition tickets), enjoy a live BBQ of Mbuzi choma, kuku choma at the Golden Grills under the sky at PAWA254.  Live music will be provided by Sequira featuring Don Sax Therapy . Also providing the entertainment for the night will be Dj Protege.

Drinks will also be in plenty at the Whiskey lounge and the cocktail bar. The Celebrity in you will be brought out as you get to pose for your photos on a red carpet. So come dressed in your best black and white outfit as the dress code of the event is Black and White.All this starts at 3:00 p.m. on the 30th of November so purchase your tickets click here or call 452 657 8170.


murumbiJust how well do you know of the country that you call ‘mama land’? Would you accept  a challenge if challenged to a battle of ‘Just how well do you know your country’? Well, I find it funny how some of us are more aware of the History and current events of other countries more than those of our very own Kenya. Though what beats the aforementioned, is the fact that there are foreigners who know more of our Country’s rich culture and History than most of us (Kenyans)do. It is however never too late to learn and this is the opportunity that the Murumbi African Heritage collections has offered

We all know by now that Kenya is having her jubilee year celebration and as part of the 50th anniversary, you should get to know more about Kenya and Africa’s cultural heritage. You are therefore invited to the Nairobi Gallery because starting this year, for a period of five years; they will be holding an exhibition in honour of Pan Africanist and voracious collector of African art, Joseph Murumbi. The exhibition features a wide range of collections ranging from art-work, books and stamps collected from around the world.

For more info on the exhibition, call +02002 216 566


sepetuka music festival

Sepetuka music festival

Top international DJs will be descending on the Carnivore on the 30th of November for this year’s edition of the Sepetuka Music Festival

This year’s headliners cover all genres of music, and are the leading voices in their fields – showcased on three separate stages with world class sound. They will be supported by the best of Kenya’s deejaying talent, including G Money, DJ Styles, DJ Crème de la Crème, DJ Hypnotic, DJ Pierra M, DJ Kaydee, the Electrique DJs, DJ Drazen and HBR DJs

Although it is primarily a DJ festival, Sepetuka is committed to showing off the best of Kenyan music, and the three stages will also host some of our top talent, including Muthoni the Drummer Queen, urban-soul stars Fena Gitu and Sage, the lyrically gifted Rabbit and  songstress Habida.

The event is set to start at 2 p.m. and tickets will be retailing for Kshs. 1,000 (regulars) and Kshs. 3,000 (V.I.P)

For more information about the event you can call 493296020.

Today is definitely one for the books, the blog is done way early in the day and I for one I’m very grateful about this especially since my rainbow weekend is in the horizon. I wish you all a pleasant weekend and invite you to visit either one of our hotels for  a quality meal or a quick refreshment and if far away from home, especially if you are attending the Mwanamke Ni Effort Art Exhibition, you are welcome to enjoy top-notch accommodation at the Mvuli Suites. Remember to follow us and like us on Facebook and twitter. Until next week, a lovely rainbow weekend to you.

Written by Maureen Mwangi, a Mvuli Hotels staff member