Kenya is all set to host visitors coming in to view the spectacular Lunar
Eclipse in early November and arrangements are in top gear for the event.
An Inter-Governmental team has been formed to plan for the Eclipse and the
necessary logistics pertaining to the event.
The team which comprises of Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Tourism Board
and The National Museums of Kenya and private sector players has already
visited the site where the Eclipse will be viewed and taken note of the
required logistics.
We have engaged with the office of the President for additional security in
the Northern tourism circuit during the period where there will be heavier
tourist activity in that region because of the eclipse.
There will be an official convoy departing from Nairobi on 31st October and
this will have security escort provided.
The official recommended route for which security will be provided for the
convoy is as follows:

  • Thursday 31st October: Nairobi-Marsabit
  • Friday 1st November: Marsabit-North Horr
  • Saturday 2nd November: North Horr- Sibiloi

The return journey will be as follows:’

  • Monday 4th November: Sibiloi-Loyangalani
  • Tuesday 5th Nov: Loyangalani-Maralal
  • Wednesday 6th Nov: Maralal-Nairobi

KWS has increased security within Sibiloi National Park and Marsabit
County Government is also co-ordinating increased security arrangements
for visitors travelling by road.
A briefing session for tourism stakeholders conducting tours to the region
will be held within the next one week and the specific date & venue will be
advised through the Associations.
The KTF Safety and Communication Centre will remain open 24 Hours daily
and will respond to any safety or other concern or information request.
We can be reached as follows: –
Land line – +254 20 8001000
Cell – +254 722 745645
– +254 738 617499