There are some things that are done that fall into the ‘pushing the envelope a little too far’ category and that is just what a friend’s brother did. In this case, he tried to become the Michelangelo of the kitchen, then again at the time that this happened the lad must have felt like a genius and maybe…just maybe he could, during this incidence, already envision his name in shinning lights and was ready to send out official announcements to the whole world so that they could prepare themselves for the new billionaire in town.

This brief fit of genius inspiration came in the form of a culinary revelation. For those of you who know how Ugali is made, this recipe will leave you baffled and the consequences, in a fit of laughter.

According to my friend, this all took place when schools went into recess during the month of August. The young lad (a high school sophomore at the time) could be forgiven for his curiosity and need to try out what he obviously thought was his ticket to the big league, after all what is life if we don’t take some chances every once in a while, right?, I know this all too well having found myself on more than one occasion on the list of the ‘world’s dummest inventors’

The recipe for the special brand of Ugali was:


  • 2 litres milk
  • Blue band
  • 3 eggs
  • Flour


  • Boil the two litres of milk in a sufuria (cooking pot) then crack the eggs into the boiling milk.
  • After adding the eggs and stirring for a while proceed to add one tablespoon of blue band then add the flour and stir until hard.

Sounds pretty simple and quite straight forward right?

Well the concoction (for failure of a better descriptive word, the result of this recipe will from now on be referred to as a concoction and not that which it was intended to be) turned out quite differently than it had initially been intended to. According to the account my friend relayed, the concoction did not harden as is expected of any Ugali but it instead turned out quite lumpy. Even with this sudden turn of events, my friend and the rest of her siblings and visiting cousins were not about to pass out on a chance of sampling what could have been the next big thing.

If you are going to commit the crime, then you had better be ready to serve the time, right? This was indeed a crime to the culinary art, and serve the time they did, as this crazy bunch of youngsters  became well acquainted to the water closet after they had indulged themselves in one of their owns’ creation.

If you still do not believe that the concoction could have been all that bad as I insinuate, then think again, and the reason I appeal to you to retract your initial stand is because of the not so curious case of a feline. You see, my friend’s family had a cat for a pet that had the honour of sampling the concoction along with her human owners and because of this, the poor cat paid its dues too. The poor thing spent the night vomiting, and seriously how often have you known that to happen where animals are concerned?

Our Michelangelo may cringe at this story but at least he made memories and whenever he and the bunch that sampled the concoction meet and reminisce about the good old time, I am sure they have themselves a hearty laugh.

There will be more funny ‘genius culinary ideas gone bad’ stories that will be posted on this blog so continue keeping an eye out for this blog and If you are in search of a quiet and serene place to go have a quality meal (minus the above effects) why don’t you visit our one of our hotels and get your money’s worth of food?

If you have any memorable ‘genius culinary idea gone bad’ experiences of your own we would love to hear from you but until next time, keep on schooling because life is a school and you are here to learn and pass all your tests. Problems are part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.

Written by Maureen Mwangi, a Mvuli Hotels staff member