There is always something new and interesting to learn about this lovely country Kenya. If you open your eyes and mind to the possibility of anything, you will be amazed at the experiences that you can have. Naturally, people tend to visit places that have already been tried and tested and already have plenty of reviews. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the only places that exist. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of introducing you to some of the wonderful attractions that are hidden deep in the heart of Kenya. Put on your adventurous hats and follow me to these lovely places.

Today I am taking you to the coastal region in the little known town of Shimoni. This small town of a majority Muslim population is the access point of some stunning attractions. The attractions there include:

1. Kisite Mpunguti Marine park

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Located just a dhow ride away from the quaint little town of Shimoni, Kisite Mpunguti is a snorkelers paradise. With hundreds of colorful species of fish and sea creatures, a dip in the clear water of the Indian ocean to view them will leave you speechless.


To add on to that, there is an island at the very middle of the sea that appears when the tide is low and disappears as soon as the tide rises. The sand of that hidden island is pearl white and it is quite the location for photos.

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To crown the whole dhow ride, you may chance upon these very intelligent and sociable sea creatures known as dolphins. Everyone loves dolphins and they seem to love people too. You might even get to be told stories of dolphins rescuing drowning people. The best times to catch them are between the months of August and December. They will come up to greet you when you pass close by. There are also whales that pass by Shimoni town every August like clock work! Amazing! Wouldn’t you like to be there when they do? I know I would.

2. The Shimoni caves

This town maybe little know and with not much excitement going on but it has its’ wealth of history. The infamous slave trade was deeply rooted here as the cave was used to store the slaves before the were shipped off. The cave has since reduced in size due to the silt and the growing cave corals, but it is still worth a visit. It is currently run as a community project and the entrance is only 50 shillings for a guided tour. With a little help from the government, I think this cave can make a fantastic museum if they maintained it and dug out all the sediments from the sea.

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3. Wasini islands

These islands are intriguing due to the cultural heritage that has been propelled for generations without being diluted by the modern culture shift. They are a Muslim community with strict rules for gender relations. They even have different pathways for ladies and gentlemen. The main economic activities are fishing and tourism related businesses like selling foods and ornaments to visiting tourists. The islands are also home to an impressive Mangrove forest and a stunning coral garden with impressive coral formations.

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One more tip on Wasini island; the community is conservative and therefore your attire can be offensive to them. If you will be wearing a short dress or skirt on the dhow ride there, please remember to carry a leso or wrap around to tie around yourself so that you will not offend the locals.

Besides visiting these attractions, you can also enjoy the delicious coastal food there and even have some roast octopus meat referred to as “pweza.”The women there are also experts at drawing henna tattoos and you can get yours as a memento. Don’t worry they rub off after one month or so.

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There are some lodges where you can get accommodation so fret not. For a large group or an outing with friends, I would recommend camping at the K.W.S campsite at Shimoni. The rates are so cheap and the security is assured. Plus you will get to interact with nature and some monkeys too! Enjoy!