In this digital age, travelling without your phone, laptop or iPad can be akin to a travel nightmare. Thus the travel industry had to rise up to the occasion and go digital in the quest to enhance the guests experience. While on the road, a traveler usually faces the dilemma of finding their way around, or chancing upon all the good sites alone without having a pricey guide to lead them on.

This is where technology comes into play and we can hug all the fellows at silicon valley who create these amazing apps that make travel a breeze. Now instead of worrying, you can spend your holiday having fun like you initially intended to. They solve all problem you have, those you could, and those you didn’t even know you had.

You may now remove you smartphones and iPads and get ready to bookmark the following apps. They will come in handy next time you travel and the best news is that most of them can also be used in our day to day lives.

1. Concur


Concur organizes and tracks, saves and submits travel expenses. Employers and employees can use it on-the-go. Helps prevent forgetfulness, and sloth. Submit expense reports online or click from a mobile phone.

This app is perfect for the employee who is travelling and has to submit the travel expenses to get a refund. It will make that grueling process way easier.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry
Cost: Free 30-day subscription then starts at $8 per month

2. J wire


Jwire, you can quickly access hot Wi-Fi spots in remote areas—located in more than 140 countries worldwide. You can download a list, call or get directions, and you can be connected automatically. You can add it to your favorites list, and you can easily share it through Twitter or Facebook.

it is accessible to virtually any device that can access WiFi.

3. Kayak


This application allows you find the best deals for flight tickets. No need to tirelessly scout the internet for the best offers for your flight. Just key in your destination and you will get a list of all the possible flights you could take. It has even recently included a facility where you can pre-pay for your flight, hotel accommodation and car rentals. Amazing right!

Compatibility: Universal IOS app (iphone, iPad, etc.), Windows Phone, Nokia’s Android

5. Evernote


Evernote is an excellent app, for before, during, and after your business travels. Record, save—and organize—your thoughts. Clip and copy from the web. Capture and store images. Include word documents and excel spreadsheets. Keep special e-mails handy, and send special notes. Make, save and synchronize your plans, as you keep current on all your devices including computer, phones and websites.
Compatibility: IOS compatible, Android, web browsers, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more

6. Gate Guru


This app will help your time at airports be painless as it gives you the best lounges and eateries at the airport according to the reviews of fellow travelers. This is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on transit and find themselves seated in one too many airports.

It provides you with real-time flight statuses, airport wait times, even structured list of airport food, as well as shops based on over 30,000 reviews and tips from fellow travelers. [Free]

Compatible with IOS and Android.

Now for some offbeat ones that i think are also pretty cool to have.

7. Food spotting


Are you craving your favorite food but you are miles away from your favorite restaurant back home? Food spotting is just what you need. Key in your desired food and it will show you the location of any outlets around you that could have what you require. A heaven-sent app for all the traveling foodies!

8. I Medjet


Emergencies happen when we least expect and this application is just the handy friend you may need when faced with a medical emergency. It has first aid and treatment tips of all the physical tragedies that could occur to you.

The application is an abbreviated version of Medjet’s medical consultation benefit and mobile medical information that you can carry wherever you go. [Free]

Platform: iOS | Android

I hope this list will make your travels easier, and increase your love for your smartphone. Happy travels!