Have you ever dreamed of scuba-diving in warm, tropical waters surrounded by brilliantly coloured tropical fish; wished to encounter the oceans’ huge fish and dolphins close up? Experience the thrill of an encounter with a shark in its natural environment or to see for yourself the fabulous colours on a coral reef, all the fascinating invertebrates and crustacea and even meet a sea turtle face to face.

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When most people think of tourism in Kenya they think of the famous game parks and reserves and the beach, but there is a whole new world beneath the Indian Ocean. Below the waves there is a whole new paradise to explore.

The coastal area of Watamu is recognized as having some of the world class dive sites. The reef here is close to the shore meaning that the coral reefs are easily accessible to novice divers and snorkelers. For the more experienced divers the outer reef has some excellent drop offs and large brain corals attracting abundant sea life.

The Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve offers extensive diving and snorkeling opportunities for novice and advanced levels. The diving season runs from August through to mid April and is closed in May, June and July, although snorkeling can be done all year round. Plankton and krill are present from December through to February when there is every chance of seeing whale sharks and mantas. Migratory pods of humpback whales from Southern Africa pass through this area during the months of September to December, and are often seen breaching in deep water beyond the reefs

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Looking to be adventures then here is your opportunity .Sea diving is fun and adventurous.  Go ahead and try it. There are different diving packages and they cost between $42 and $180. If you are staying with Mvuli Hotels, and would like to take a diving trip to Watamu, we are happy to organize the trip for you. Your comfort is our business!