politics 2

With a couple of days to the highly anticipated, general elections, everyone across the globe is looking closely at our nation Kenya. Interestingly, the election that will usher in our 4th president coincides with our 50th birthday as a nation.
I must admit it was very refreshing to watch our leaders hold hands and pledge to uphold peace during the election period. Seven of the eight presidential candidates joined hands yesterday at Uhuru Park and agreed to concede defeat should they not win in the March 4th elections or during the run off, should it occur.
Well in my opinion this was long overdue and it great to have leaders who understand the value of a peaceful nation. We hail from a land which is prides its self with peace love and unity.
Look at it this way; let’s take for example the tourism sector, which is considered is one of the biggest foreign exchange earners in Kenya, together with remittances and investments from abroad. Our foreign exchange earners determine our foreign currency flow, which affects the price of fuel, and ultimately, the cost of living. Will be which determines the cost of fuel, which eventually determines the cost of living. If the transition isn’t peaceful, it affects even the ordinary Kenyan, whether or not he/she participates in breaching peace.
Our leaders harmoniously holding hands was of great significance because as Kenyans, we have no reason to fight our neighbours for the sake of politicians who themselves don’t fight.
Mvuli Hotels is joining the rest of Kenya to Chagua Peace. Here is to peaceful elections.