Nairobi is as cosmopolitan as it gets. You can find a wide variety of dishes from all around the world to tantalize and satisfy your taste buds. If you are adventurous and curious this is a journey you absolutely cannot miss. Here is our first trip to places you must visit for good food.

The Mvuli Restaurant


Of course we had to start with what we know best! Our chefs are experts in creating culinary delights. The restaurant ambiance is fantastic with a sunroof that lets the sun’s rays filter in as you enjoy the good company and excellent food. You could alternatively choose to have your meal out in the beautiful garden and enjoy the light breeze and nature around you.

The Mvuli menu is a continental menu with an excellent variety. With breakfast which by special request can be earlier than 6 am for guests going on safari or who need to catch a flight. We have a selection of fresh fruits in season, fresh juices, bacon, eggs and mouth-watering pastries. For lunch we have both a buffet and an alacarte menu, crowd favorites are the delicious signature burgers, grilled chicken and Ugali. There is a whole lot more that you’d need to come and discover.


If you’d like to try Indian food this is the place to be. Situated at Adams Arcade above the Java restaurant tucked away in the corner it is a culinary dream come true. They specialize in Tandoori and give you a choice of either barbecues or curries. They do offer a selection for vegetarians too.

The service is fantastic and the owner was once a rally driver and if you can get him to tell you tales of the famous Safari Rally in Kenya it will be an added  bonus to the experience. It is quite affordable with a meal with drinks priced at about 15USD. If you want to find out more about them see their reviews on Eat Out here or talk to them on their Facebook Page here.


Kenya is home to a large Ethiopian and Eritrean community, Habesha is regarded as the best place to have experience the culture and cuisine. It caters equally to vegetarians and meat lovers and is good value for your money. A meal for two would cost about 20USD and the portions are quite sizable  The food is distinctive with the flat bread known as injera made from a fermented grain called teff and spicy, hearty stews. It is guaranteed to be quite the culinary experience. With coffee being a huge part of the culture do not leave without having coffee prepared in the traditional way.  You can find out more about Habesha from their Eat Out profile here