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Sometimes when you visit a strange country you stumble on unforgettable experiences that create memories because of how unexpected they were and how much fun they were. Nairobi has quite a few of those, but you may not find out about them simply because you’re going by a predetermined itinerary and they are events far off the beaten path. We’ll be your guide and let you into some of the best experiences you’ll have in Nairobi.


Safari Sevens


Nairobians love their Rugby, it has unmatched following in Kenya, with crowds filling the stands for both local and international matches. It’s a sporting and a social event rolled up into one weekend. The die- hard fans stand out with their songs, colorful garb, ecstatic dancing and just plain appreciation of the game. The game comes home to roost in form of the Safari Sevens the largest East African rugby event. This year,  it was right across the street from Mvuli House at the Nyayo Stadium. It was on the 21st to 23rd of September and if you want to witness, the Kenyan passion for rugby in action be there. It might even be a place to polish up your Swahili with the chants from the fans.This year the home team lost but the crowd was even more appreciative of their efforts, we’ll wait to win next year. Ticket details can be found here in case you’re already making plans for 2013.


Nairobi Half Life

It is the best movie on our screens right now. Actually, it’s probably the best movie you’ll ever get to see about Nairobi. Don’t believe us? Here is the trailer.

Nairobi Half Life tells a story of the indefatigable Nairobi spirit, sides of this city that you will probably never see and the fascinating way it works. The acting is superb and the movie more gripping and real than a Hollywood flick about Africa. It is Screening at the Nakumatt Westgate, The Junction and in Mombasa, click on the links for more information on timings. The movie costs about 4$USD on weekdays and 5$USD on weekends. You could watch it when it comes to your country but nothing like watching it here first and from what we’ve heard you’ll probably end up watching it again. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even visit the streets referenced in the movie, though we wouldn’t advise that you do by yourself.
Sometimes though Nairobi is the city of surprises, events that are seemingly unplanned happen and you have the time of your life. For example the Carnivore usually holds cultural nights to celebrate the culture, music and food from different parts of Kenya. It is  a rare treat as you get to enjoy indigenous Kenyan food that you will rarely get in a restaurant. Carnivore recently held both the Coast Night and Mugiithi night celebrating coastal and Kikuyu culture. It’s one of those events you just don’t miss.