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courtesy East African Shuttles

Finally, you’re in Nairobi! You’ve spent a few days relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Nairobi, then you realize that you have an a few hours free. Here are a couple of ideas on what you can do in Nairobi.
Mvuli House is a at a perfect location to get to the Nairobi National Park which is only about 5 minutes away and a distance of about 6kms away on Lang’ata Road . There are picnic sites at the Park and you can choose to carry something from our restaurant to have after touring the Park.
If you are in a group it may be easier to hire a car or and go for a game drive. For this, you may need to go earlier in the day to see the amazing wonders of nature waking up. The park is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service and the most recent rates for the park are found on this page. The latest fees (August 2012) is 40 USD for adults. If you have, a car it will cost Kshs 300 ($4) for a car with up to six seats and $13 for a car with up to 12 .
Once that is out of the way you are all set to enjoy your visit to the park. Depending on the day, you may sight the elusive happening of lions courting. There are various watering holes where you might get the chance to see zebras, giraffes, monkeys, eland, gazelles and a lot more. There is also the leisurely Safari Walk, which you can take if you’d want to enjoy the fresh air and nature up close.
Another absolute must visit gem is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which caters for rescued elephants. entrance costs about $5 and do carry more money to buy souvenirs to support the trust. There is always a rush to feed the baby elephants, which we’d say, is a life-changing experiences. As many do, if you fall in love with a baby elephant, you could foster it, which will get you an extra visiting hour from 5-6pm, while everyone else gets an hour from 11am to midday. As a first time visitor, you will need to get to the centre at least 20 minutes before it opens. The staff is always happy to relate the stories of each elephant and you’ll leave having enjoyed your visit. The BBC did a series of programs titled Elephant Diaries about the plight of Elephants providing a unique insight into the work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can visit the website here.
Depending on how much time you have left you can choose to visit both the Giraffe Centre and Mamba Village. At the Giraffe Centre you will get to feed giraffes and if you’re brave enough even kiss them! It’s an amazing place to interact and befriend these beautiful, elegant creatures.
At the Mamba Village, you get to see crocodiles, ostriches, tortoises, and a huge variety of birds. It costs $10 per adult and you can take a boat ride in the lake or choose to have a barbecue lunch.
At the end of your excursions we guarantee your weekend in Nairobi will be absolutely delightful.